Positive Reflection

Muhammad Arbab Khan
2 min readJun 4, 2021


Amal’s journey is an astounding experience of my life till now. When I joined this fellowship, I was going through a less busy schedule. As time passes my schedule becomes tougher, At today when I am writing this blog my daily routine is becoming too hectic, my workload increases day by day. It is very difficult for me to even complete the PW’s. But Thanks to Amal Academy who taught me how to manage time.

B) One on One Session with Mr. Zaki Haider is the incident that would change my thoughts about myself, my point of view about my surroundings, and the people who surround me. He encouraged me to see my future with a different perspective, forget about the past, just move on.

C) I also made contact with other people and asked them about their strategy of doing the PW in time and asked them to give me a copy of their checked PW’s. I was amazed to know that almost 80% of the members were following the same strategy that I found at this moment. I would like to mention that people’s behavior was quite cooperative and this motivates me more to do my work.

(D) Looking back, I see myself following different techniques to solve the problems that I encountered during my past experience. I must say, after finding such amazing strategies, now I can tackle the problems in a better way than the way I followed before.

“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart”.