Magic of Amal Principles

Muhammad Arbab Khan
3 min readJun 11, 2021


I really inspired by the 4 principles of the Amal Academy. Before joining the Amal Career-Prep Fellowship, I was not able to know about myself. I was very introverted and didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t like to work under pressure. I didn’t tolerate the taunts of others. Always suffered from tension and thought about that person why he said this to me.

Your life has a meaningful purpose and you’ve to identify it. By Joining the Amal Career-Prep Fellowship, I realized and identified myself, my abilities. If you have belief in yourself then you can easily identify what is the purpose of your life.

4 Principles of Amal

Amal (Just Start)

The first principle of Amal Academy is to act (Just Start) to achieve your goals.

It is not enough that you must write or identify your goal and then wait for more things and capital to start work. Amal said, take small action (baby step) first, don’t think big because sometimes it’s harmful. So, small steps can big changes.

The second principle of Amal Academy is having a Belief in Yourself (Khudi).

You can do anything in your life when you think to do that. If you give up and think that you can’t do then you failed. Having belief in yourself is one of the biggest achievements. Here I want to add a quote from Thomas Edison, he said:

“Many of life’s failures are people who didn’t realize, how close they were to success when they gave up”.

The third principle of Amal Academy is Kam Kam Kam.

Kam Kam means work hard and hard to achieve your goals. If you follow this Amal principle with your intelligence, It will give you an advantage. Believe in yourself, keep doing hard work, and one day you will get success. If you give up, it means you fail.

The fourth principle of Amal Academy is to Belief in Teamwork (Eik or Eik Giyara).

A single person can’t achieve his goal if he doesn’t believe in teamwork. Sometimes we afraid for asking help from others and sometimes we show our ego that we do it by own but It's wrong thinking. Quid-e-Azam without the support of the Muslim League was not able to make a separate country for us, Abdul Sattar Edhi who is serving humanity, was not able without thousands of workers. So, we have to believe in teamwork; we must appreciate their efforts and work together to achieve our goals.