Fixing stuff around yourself

Muhammad Arbab Khan
2 min readApr 2, 2021


The placed I choose for this activity is my work place where I pass most time in my Job. It is the Administrative Office. why I choose this place, because at this place their was lot of books of students present in disorganized manner, which makes the office looked very ugly.

Disorganized Books with ugly look of office

Our Religion also emphasized on the cleanliness.

“Cleanliness is half the faith”

So, I decided to organize the books and other related stuff. Books were dispersed and mixed with the others classes book, which made me unhappy. It is very time consuming when students parents came to me and asked for the set of books.

Books and other stuff in organized manner
Books were tagged according to their respective classes

First of all I gathered all the books in one side and make the sets of different classes. After that I separate the miscellaneous books and other stuff. I cleaned the cabin and tagged him by writing the classes name. So, I can find it easily and save my time and make myself hectic free.

Cabin showing the miscellaneous Books with Tags

I feel very happy after completing this task. I feel very much relaxed. Things in organized manner gives the good impression on others. It also shows that other person is responsible and knows how to do its work in better way.

Front Side of Office

In my free time I used to do such activities because the disorganized things made me very uncomfortable. On the spot managing the things is time consuming.