Environmental Pollution

Muhammad Arbab Khan
3 min readApr 9, 2021


Problem Statement: Due to lack of Proper waste management system, garbage dumping sites are serious threat for healthy living.

Waste management is a very important matter today. Due to the rapid and continuous increase in the population, the amount of waste generating is increasing day by day. Moreover, the increase in the amount of waste is affecting the lives of so many people. the people who are living in the slums are very near to the waste disposal region. Therefore, there are prone to numerous types of diseases. Hence, pushing their lives in threat.

Most of the peoples burn the garbage which is not good for us or for the environment. Burning garbage in incinerators releases dangerous gases and dust (particulate matter) which contribute to global warming and pollute lakes, forests, oceans, and cities half a world away from where they originated. In Pakistan we face this problem in the form of smog in winter season. To retain a healthy life, proper hygiene and sanitation are very necessary.


Decrease bad smell: Waste or garbage produces a lot of bad smell. The bad odor that comes from waste and garbage is very harmful to the environment. Moreover, bad odor is responsible for various types of diseases in children. As a result, it affects their growth, and the kids grow slower than usual. So, waste management excludes all these problems in an effective way.

Reduces pollution: Waste is one of the major causes of environmental degradation. For instance, the waste from industries and households pollutes the rivers and lakes. Therefore, waste management is essential for life and decreasing pollution. So that the environment may not get adulterated with bad elements. Furthermore, it upturns the hygiene of the city or town through which the people get a better environment to live in.

Generates employment: The waste management system needs so many workers to successfully manage the waste. These workers have various jobs to do. Jobs starts from collecting to the disposing of the waste and garbage. Therefore, it generates opportunities for the people that are jobless and unemployed.