Amal Totkay Growth Mindset

Muhammad Arbab Khan
2 min readApr 9, 2021


AMAL Totkay are very helpful for the development of Growth mindset. There are a lot of implications of these tips in personal and professional growth.

The First Tip: Getting out of your comfort zone means challenging your current situation , where you feel yourself safe. By doing this you have a chance to groom yourself and show your hidden talent.

The second tip: Developing new habits are very helpful to change your thoughts and refresh your mood. This is a very easy way to change your mind set and you learn new things and skills. For example Journaling or writing about your everyday achievements and learnings might also be a great way for you to change your mindset.

The third tip: Fake it till you make it is a very beneficial tip for increasing your confidence level and judging your capabilities. If you disclose your goals or what you want early before you make it, there are a lot of people present in your surroundings that demotivate you. by such a response you lose your consistency for doing something.

The Fourth tip: Self talk is a very diplomatic tip, sometimes it is very beneficial and sometimes it’s very unbeneficial. For example, in self-talk you easily betray your evil or negative thoughts, what happens if I can’t achieve this, how this has happened, and etc. If someone has control over their thoughts, then self-talk is very beneficial for looking into himself and fixing our mistakes.

My favorite tip is getting out of your comfort zone, because whenever you get out of your comfort zone it is a whole new experience. Every time you learn something new, which is very beneficial for the development of a growth mindset.