Acts of Kindness

Muhammad Arbab Khan
3 min readMar 26, 2021


Kindness is in simple words the quality of being gentle, caring, and helpful and there are lot of other such like definitions for it. Kindness is like the mutualism (Biology term) both organisms get benefited. The person who doing kindness receives inner happiness and other person or organism also gets happiness / some sort of benefits / get relief from entanglement.

1. Giving food to Birds

Giving the food to the birds is very amazing they are speechless they are not like us; they do not ask for food and water. it is our responsibility to take care of them especially in the summer season when there is very hot outside. I often use to do so I advised all of you to give food and water to these beautiful creatures of Allah.

Bird with Food and Water

2. Helping others

Helping others means help the other person in such a work that he or she is not able to do easily. It is very important point to support your fellows when you work in groups. Yesterday I helped my colleague in printing of her class work (support pack / resource pack) because she does not know about printing and formatting. She is very happy when I agree to give her favor in his working. After completing her work, I feel very happy by seeing the happiness in her face. I Thanks to Allah almighty for giving me a chance to help others.

3. Making Tea for Mother

Giving happiness to your mother is also some sort of act of kindness. By doing this you will really feel very happy and gets the many prayers. Making cup of Tea for her is very little thing, we can give her comfort by helping her in others household matters such as dusting, cleaning, cooking. This will really help her.

4. Helping the Baggers

we often see the baggers at streets, traffic signal, most of us help these peoples by giving some amount of money to them. we help them without knowing that whether they are truly deserving the help or not. Most of them are young aged, we should not give them help in the form of money, we help them by giving the work to them so they can earn money. we should help the old, aged peoples because they are not able to do work, but they need money to full fill the need of food or other necessities of life. we should take care of them.

5. Giving Feedback to someone work

we are very selfish when it comes to giving the feedback to someone works. we are not used to do such type of activities. Yesterday I read the blog “A PLACE TO CALL THEIR OWN” which is based on the struggle of Mr. javed who is the Founder of the Ansar Management company. His work is very inspiring, he sacrifices his well settled life in USA. His work encourages us to do something for humanity for their happiness not for our self.